Relevant, Targeted, and Smooth User Experience Ensures You’re in it for the Long Game

ROIs and CTRs are just blanket terms unless we address the elephant in the room: User Experience. When you team up with the UI/UX designers and developers at Intellexal Solutions, you have the power to impact how your users will interact with your product, services, and website. You get to decide if they’ll keep clicking on your service pages often enough—and you get to decide if they will keep coming back for more.

UI Design

UX Design

User Research,
Analysis, and Research

UI Design

Information architecture and digital aesthetics meet mid-way when we’re talking about UI design: the UI designers and developers at Intellexal Solutions ensure that your web or mobile-based platform has all the necessary elements users require in order to better interact with whichever products and services you’re offering.

  • Use UI to transform website visitors into buyers
  • Allow your users to interact with your website on a whole new level
  • Build a loyal customer base with responsive design

UX Design

Usability, functionality, visibility—these are the motivators edging our UX designers and developers on to improve your website and product pages for better user engagement. Is your website easy to use? Simple and neat? Are your CTAs legible? Can users find exactly what they’re looking for and are you offering them effortless navigation? Does your website look credible and professional? Is it accessible all-round and can it be accessed across any digital device? All of this—and more—falls under our umbrella.

  • Help build positive experiences for your users
  • Build rapport with repeat clients
  • UX research, writing, and interaction design

User Research, Analysis, and Research

UX design decisions at Intellexal Solutions are made courtesy of the data and behavioural analysis we have on hand. Based on the bounce rates on certain dead pages and the number of visits other product/service pages receive, we rework your website to perform more holistically and better in terms of user satisfaction. User experience is often a good indicator of which of your products need better PR and upselling—something businesses really need going for them.

  • Formulate a better design strategy
  • Standardize and customize your product
  • Identify loyal clients early on and work on building rapport with them