Customized, Full-Scale Software Development Services in Chicago and Beyond

Regardless of the kind of business you have going for you, software development services are something you will most definitely need going for you. Whether you’re looking for someone to design, develop, or keep track of a mobile or web application for you, the team at Intellexal Solutions can help you with it—or with all three.


Mobile App




Web Development

If it’s a dotcom you’re after, this is where you can get one. Our team of web developers are qualified to work with backend as well as frontend development.

  • Attract the right traffic on various search engines
  • More leads in a shorter span of time
  • Greater conversions
  • Build a loyal customer base

Mobile App Development

An absolute necessity for the modern world, the team of mobile app developers at Intellexal Solutions is fully dedicated to making these mobile apps user-friendly—and to keep updating them to ensure they are compatible with newer operating systems, if need be.

  • Ensure your application is mobile-friendly
  • Appeal to the GenZ target audience with mobile app development
  • Be futuristic in your approach with mobile app development
  • Faster load speeds with the right mobile app development team

Desktop Development

Yes, while we understand that mobile applications are all the rage these days, you might want a desktop developer working on the side if your target audience isn’t exactly the millennial variety. There are countless other benefits to desktop development as well—having your application available across multiple platforms, for one, promises you a larger audience.

  • Target older, more conventional audiences through a desktop approach
  • Web solutions aplenty
  • Perfect for complex and time-consuming operations

Data Science

We work with numbers, user feedback, and the genera market trends out there—which means we usually have to deal with a lot of data and statistics to ensure your application is targeted at the right people and designed the right way.

  • Acquire newer customers routinely
  • Needs-based analysis
  • Better leads, greater client satisfaction
  • Accommodate market trends better

Game Development

Find more about the awesome work our game development team has been doing over at our Game Development page!

  • Interactive and immersive video game design
  • Skilled User Interface design
  • Multiple platforms ranging from AR/VR to 3D and beyond

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and frameworks

Our designers incorporate a number of frameworks, ranging from Adobe to AEM; whereas the developers use a host of platforms for hosting and running the software. These include Microsoft, iOS, Android, and other cross-platform softwares.


Jave, Python, C++, SQL, Scala—none of these languages are Greek to our software developers.


For your next meeting with us, we’ll have ready a database report that provides you with analysis based on user feedback for better decision-making in the future.

Improve Your Existing Software or Allow us to Build One from Scratch

Cater to your target audience’s needs better with the help of customized software solutions.

How Do We Develop Mobile and Web Applications?

  • Strategizing

    Once we have you on board, our team of software developers, engineers, architects, programmers, and coders collectively work to provide you with suggestions regarding the best course to move forward with. We’re full of ideas, sure, but we’re also just waiting to hear from you if you’ve had any thoughts about it.

  • Code Construction

    Creating a working software is something our team of coders and programmers are well-experienced in. Everything from configuration management to coding and verification, the team at Intellexal Solutions can deliver in terms of design specification. We use a range of software construction tools for the task.

  • Development

    Once we have the blueprints that we want to work with—the source code—our developers come into play. This is a process where optimizing the development process is placed on a much higher pedestal. Why is this important? Because efficient software needs to be written and optimized well. It requires constant change—and must be accommodating of that change. Ever notice how Facebook has been going through too many changes? There’s good reason for that. The digital world moves at a fast pace.

  • Testing and Deployment

    Debugging, unit and integration testing, security checks, running the software on a target device or server—making sure everything is as good to go as possible before ever launching that digital rocket out into the world wide web—is the next logical step. The software developers at Intellexal Solutions value highly efficient workflows which ensure faster and regular deployment of software—all the better for customer satisfaction.

  • Meeting Market Demands

    Almost everything we do from here on is done to meet market demands and ensure your business has a stellar customer satisfaction rate. High ROI depends largely upon better use experience—and as a software development company that has been delivering similar projects for the last ten years, we tend to understand that.

  • Application Customization

    Trust us to work to suit your business’ unique and bespoke requirements—whether it’s a CRM you’re after or ecommerce software solutions. Custom solutions drastically reduce effort from your end since you’re getting something tailor-made, specific to your use and for your users. In terms of deployment and user satisfaction, application customization remains one of our most important services offered.

  • Audits, Regulations, and More

    Quality check is paramount, from time to time. Standards, in today’s fast-moving digital age, can change pretty quickly, and adherence to regulation is something we developers have to ensure constantly. Regular software audits will keep the online experience you’re offering your users just as fast, easy, and efficient as it was when you first rolled out the program.

  • Software Management

    The team at Intellexal Solutions also ensures your software web project is cared for roundly—whether it’s frontend or backend development, mobile landing or web design. We like delivering the full package from one place—from developing your program to testing and rolling it out to providing audits when needed or required.

Don’t have an in-house development team? No problem! We’re right around the corner in Chicago and have some experienced software developers working round the clock.

"Great team to work with all around - from project management to delivery and support. Deep grasp of technology, reactivity, and flexibility in supporting a very demanding roadmap."

"At the present, I have little experience constructing complex projects with Intellexal Solutions. But I admire the team's attention to detail, process, and knowledge."

"Intellexal Solutions is a desirable business partner because of its honest and open communication, ethical business conduct, punctuality, and technological expertise. Excellent work with a quick turnaround time. "The project approach went off without a hitch."

"The Intellexal Solutions team created an outstanding app that has increased usage eightfold. The app placed second in the news app category on iTunes in the first week of its release."

At Intellexal Solutions, it’s never closed shop. Shoot us a message.