Appeal to a Wider Range of People Across the World with a Foolproof App Development and Distribution Strategy

The iOS app development team at Intellexal Solutions has extensive experience in working with technology stacks and Xcode. Trust us to design, develop, and distribute a tech-savvy and futuristic app that best suits your business needs.

The Apple Does Not Fall Too Far from the Tree

Unbelievable Accessibility

One of the most recognizable names in the world, iOS needs no extra work and demands little PR from your end. Investing in iOS development is a stroke of genius—because there is a readymade audience out there for you.

Loyal Customers for Life

People may make of Apple users—but they’re loyal to a fault. Breaking into the App Store on Apple ensures that you have a sure-fire shot at developing rapport with long-term customers, which guarantees a steady stream of revenue in your coffers.

Innovation-Friendly Target Audience

Apple users are bound to be tech-savvy, which makes them far more receptive to any innovation from your end. Work with the iOS app developers at Intellexal Solutions to ensure you’re pushing out innovative, unique products into the market and aren’t being met by general resistance from a digitally-challenged audience.

No Fragmentation Issues

iPhone users will already be using the latest versions of iOS, which greatly decreases the work you have to do. Reaching out to your target audience who are benefiting from the latest features that you are offering is far easier.


iOS applications take lesser time and have fewer hassles involved, which makes them easier to work with. Not only are you spending lesser time testing these apps across platforms, but you also save on other resources.

ROI Heaven

Once you make it to App Store, your application needs no introduction. Returns on your investment are pretty much guaranteed if your application has been developed for iOS to perfection—which you can trust our iOS developers to do.






From registering your dream application on App Store Connect to ensuring that your app adheres to Apple Review Guidelines, we ensure that our iOS developers build for you an app that can provide you benefits in the long term.

  • Extensive market research pre-development
  • Design mock-ups for client perusal
  • Clean, scalable graphic design


TestFlight is usually the first step, because the iOS developers at Intellexal Solutions prefer perfection before we release applications into the vast virtual world. We ensure everything is good to go as we go about testing the apps we have developed for you internally as well as externally before moving ahead.

  • Testing locally, internally, and externally
  • iOS real device testing
  • Testing for compatibility


Sometimes, there are features in the design or debugging requirements that pop up in the testing phase. Steps like muffling code to make it immune to reverse engineer and other security essentials are taken care of in this phase.

  • Testing for compatibility
  • Customizable solutions
  • Stronger security if required


Once everything from the pricing to the availability of the app is confirmed, we are ready to release your latest, newest, shiniest app to the world. Now ready for distribution, using the App Store, all our iOS development team has to do is troubleshoot and give you the good news.

  • Your app is optimized one last time
  • Everything from the metadata to the pricing is reviewed
  • Submission for App Review with Apple

Here's what makes us handsome:

  • Why is iOS better?

    Updates don’t get better than those on iOS, both with regards their timeline and efficacy. No matter the device, all the updates happen at the same time and with the same effectiveness. What’s better is that the updates are perfectly in sync with Google.

  • How fast is iOS?

    It’s one of the fastest operating systems out there, which makes it so great for any applications that you intend to upload for dissemination to your audiences. Not only do applications have a faster load time, but they also reboot a lot faster than applications on any other operating system.

  • Do I have access to users’ data with iOS?

    You will have access to your users’ location and contact data, which can then be used for further personalized and customized operations. Collecting personal data enables you to better streamline your future campaign, and even improve upon your products.

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The App Store on Apple is the second largest in the world. And these are clients who we have helped benefit from that platform:

"Great team to work with all around - from project management to delivery and support. Deep grasp of technology, reactivity, and flexibility in supporting a very demanding roadmap."

"At the present, I have little experience constructing complex projects with Intellexal Solutions. But I admire the team's attention to detail, process, and knowledge."

"Intellexal Solutions is a desirable business partner because of its honest and open communication, ethical business conduct, punctuality, and technological expertise. Excellent work with a quick turnaround time. "The project approach went off without a hitch."

"The Intellexal Solutions team created an outstanding app that has increased usage eightfold. The app placed second in the news app category on iTunes in the first week of its release."