Ideate, plan, and build purposeful games

Out of 7.9 billion people in the world, 3.24 billion are gamers. One of the biggest markets worldwide—and one that keeps growing—game development is ripe for picking. Whether you want to build on existing apps or are seeking to tap into this niche for greater digital reach and growth, Intellexal Solutions can help.

Short on Talent? Allow Us to

  • Collaborate on long-term or short-term projects
  • Conceptualize your narrative
  • Co-develop your game
  • Ensure game porting
  • Recruit necessary technical staff
  • Deploy and deliver in time

Passion for Gaming, Prowess to Develop

Working across iOS, Android, web, and hybrid platforms, our team provides customized game development services to clients across the world. We have worked on several individual projects with some amazing clients so far. We help you brainstorm, storyboard, and execute your visionary narrative across multiple gaming platforms.

Gamers of the world, unite: The Game Development team at Intellexal Solutions is where a passion for storytelling and talent in digital universe-building come together.

Capitalize on the Latest and Most Popular Trends in Mobile Gaming

Our team works with a variety of softwares and platforms, including Unity App, 3D, VR, AR, MR, and other major mobile game development softwares.

The team brings together seasoned programmers, skilled artists, designers, and developers for the best possible execution of custom-fit game development services.

Mobile and Web Game Development Expertise for the Future

  • Unity 3d game development

    For multiplayer narratives, few game development platforms can trump Unity. The platform provides full-scale game development tools, using which we can deliver in 2D as well as 3D.

  • VR game development

    Awe your target audience with innumerable gameplay possibilities that go beyond the screen. VR game development works wonders for a fully-immersive gaming experience.

  • 3d game development

    Visual gaming experience doesn’t get any better than 3D. Allow your users to feel every fall and fallacy of your gaming universe with the wonders of 3D.

  • Cross-platform game development

    Cutting-edge and cost-effective, Cross-Platform Game Development brings your gaming enterprise the best marketing returns with the promise of a larger audience.

  • AR game development

    Let your audience immerse their bodies fully in the gaming experience with augmented reality—and take it up a notch further with simulation games.

  • MR game development

    Already played around with AR and VR? Mix it up. Combine real and virtual gameplay possibilities to allow your users a whole new myriad of gaming experiences.

  • Unreal game development

    Not only is Unreal available across multiple platforms, but it also comes with some of the most promising graphics, if that’s what you’re looking for. It’s unreal how good it is!

  • Buildbox game development

    One of the top choices for Android, we use Buildbox for high-quality game design and take full advantage of the creative license that comes with this platform.

We like playing games as much as we like
developing them.We know what goes.

With many gamers in our team of developers, Intellexal Solutions understands the nuances of storyboarding and concept, the various advantages of different gaming platforms, and the importance of proper, well-targeted marketing campaigns.



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The Game Development Team at Intellexal is with you at every stage —and at every level of every game.

"Great team to work with all around - from project management to delivery and support. Deep grasp of technology, reactivity, and flexibility in supporting a very demanding roadmap."

"At the present, I have little experience constructing complex projects with Intellexal Solutions. But I admire the team's attention to detail, process, and knowledge."

"Intellexal Solutions is a desirable business partner because of its honest and open communication, ethical business conduct, punctuality, and technological expertise. Excellent work with a quick turnaround time. "The project approach went off without a hitch."

"The Intellexal Solutions team created an outstanding app that has increased usage eightfold. The app placed second in the news app category on iTunes in the first week of its release."