Online Shopping is here to stay and Intellexal Solutions is here to help you do it better through ecommerce solutions.

Take your business to the next level by developing a website that brings in customers and revenue alike. With our ecommerce solutions, your business can break into untapped niches and new target audience.

How We Help Our Clients Break into the Ecommerce Scene

Identifying Your Vision

What does your business need? Do you need to evaluate your target audience, build a niche, or simply a website that can reach audiences beyond borders? Our first step is identifying what your business needs in order to be more futuristic.

Making You Stand Out

With the digital market so saturated with brands and businesses offering the same thing, your customers will be asking this question: why you? Capitalizing on your strengths, selling your services better, and convincing your target audience, through page design and content, is a crucial part of the process.

Up-selling, Cross-Selling, and More

Offering the customer an opportunity to compare and contrast helps them make better online shopping decisions—and usually also ensures that they do not leave without making a purchase. It’s like asking your customers if they’d like fries with their burger—but virtually, subtly, and very persuasively.

Developing Product Descriptions and Service Pages

Your products and services are only as good as you make them look online. In the absence of an offline, real-time shopping experience, you need to convince your target audience that your product is the thing. And our ecommerce development team will help you do it.

Simplifying the Checkout Process

Many online customers leave items in their cart without checking out—ever wonder why? Because, sometimes, your checkout process is so tedious that they get frustrated. Checkouts that aren’t mobile-friendly, don’t allow a “Continue Shopping” option, or take too long to load are major culprits. By simplifying this process, you ensure greater sales.


Avenue for
Exponential Growth





It’s all about the plugins when it comes to WordPress—but that isn’t all. Great for SEO, custom product and service pages, and offering a number of payment options, WordPress is ideal for first-time businesses trying the ecommerce route.

  • Easy, scalable, practical
  • SEO-friendly
  • Accommodates multiple platforms
  • Add web content without hassle

Avenue for Exponential Growth

Although Shopify, Magento, and WordPress are some of the most sought-after platforms that we work with, we also have considerable experience with other, newer, platforms—such as Squarespace. At Intellexal Solutions, we aim to take the ecommerce world by storm—and that can’t be done if keep our options limited. Flexibility precedes functionality—and our ecomm developers are here if you want to discuss something different for your business.

  • Appeal to a larger audience with lesser effort
  • Sell more while investing little
  • Customize your brand and business vision alike
  • Be future-oriented and forward-thinking


Easy-to-customize and scalable, Shopify makes your online retail business work a lot better without a lot of hassle. Once you have a custom online store built on Shopify, we help you take it to the next level by ensuring maximum functionality and a simple checkout process. The Shopify mobile app is an added bonus that increases your chances of revenue generation by a great deal.

  • Sell services, products, and more
  • Little to no effort
  • Significantly boost revenue
  • Better ROI in little time


Yes, we know that Magento is complicated enough to scare off people—but not the Ecommerce team at Intellexal Solutions, because we love working with this platform. A beautiful mobile-friendly platform, Magento promises almost unrivalled excellence in terms of user interface, accommodating of third modules and internal access, and bespoke open-source extensions. With Magento, you can rank higher on search engines, interact with third-party channels and customers alike, and customize much of your online retail store just the way you want it.

  • Great for large-scale, established businesses
  • Fully customizable
  • Makes for quicker, better user experience
  • Loads effectively

Interaction and Transaction Using the Right Ecommerce Platform

The right ecommerce platform is one that suits your business needs and vision best. The pillar of your online retail business, this platform is where we’ll help you with back-end and software solutions to ensure better visibility, functionality, and customized design specific to your brand vision.

  • Platform design
  • Backend and software solutions
  • Smooth user experience
  • Security, compliance, SSL, and more

Here's what makes us handsome:

  • Which Ecommerce platform should I use?

    It can get a little overwhelming when you are first introduced to the lucrative, vast world of ecommerce. Choosing between giants like Shopify and WordPress can be a hard pick—and our team over at Intellexal Solutions can help you pick the right one. It boils down to the specifications of your store versus the features these different platforms offer that helps make the decision for you.

  • Does an Ecommerce platform cost?

    It does. There is usually a monthly fee which varies from platform to platform. Based on your needs and willingness to go all out, you will have the option of splurging or going the skimpy route. Remember: opting for Ecommerce services and solutions is an investment. You will get your returns in the end.

  • Should I just look at my present needs?

    If yours is a growing, evolving business that aims to branch out in the future, be sure to consider what your e-store and services will look like a couple of months down the lane. Making the right decision in the present depends largely on your digital vision and scope for the future. Opt for something that offers room for growth and development as opposed to an Ecommerce platform that is limiting.

  • Will I see the returns with Ecommerce directly?

    Not necessarily, of course, and not immediately either. Everything takes time to set up, an Ecommerce ecosystem likewise. Building the right online presence, branching out to the right Ecommerce platform, and then working based on the initial responses from your users can take some time to kickstart—but once you’ve got that starter going, it’s much easier to jump ahead.

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Our ecommerce repertoire is multifarious:
We’ve worked with WordPress, Shopify, Magento, and more.

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"Great team to work with all around - from project management to delivery and support. Deep grasp of technology, reactivity, and flexibility in supporting a very demanding roadmap."

"At the present, I have little experience constructing complex projects with Intellexal Solutions. But I admire the team's attention to detail, process, and knowledge."

"Intellexal Solutions is a desirable business partner because of its honest and open communication, ethical business conduct, punctuality, and technological expertise. Excellent work with a quick turnaround time. "The project approach went off without a hitch."

"The Intellexal Solutions team created an outstanding app that has increased usage eightfold. The app placed second in the news app category on iTunes in the first week of its release."

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